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The key to increased pump efficiency and lower energy costs is to
run the pump at its lowest possible speed yet achieve the required
turnover per day - no more, no less!

Because pumps are often incorrectly sized, it is not unusual to see
a pump being turned over many more times per day than
necessary; every additional gallon pumped uses unnecessary

Centrifugal Pumps use far less power when they run slower. The
decrease in power is due to the Affinity Laws, and the results are
staggering. For example, if the speed of the pool pump is reduced
by just 20%, the energy consumed is reduced to almost 50%. If the
speed of the pool pump is reduced by 60%, the energy consumed
is reduced to just 6.4%!

If a commercial pool is being turned over 6 times per day and local
codes require just 4 times per day, the flow rate could be reduced by
33%. Doing this with a control valve will reduce the energy
by approximately 20%, whereas a VFD will reduce the energy by a
staggering 71%.


High Efficiency
Constant Flow Feature
Includes Aquatic Controller with Modbus Communication
Pump Dry Run and Cavitation Protection (NEMA 12 version)
Programmable Backwash for Automatic and Manual Systems
Soft Start / Stop
Supply Voltages: 3 x 208-230 / 3 x 480
The Eco Flow Controller is an easy to use
control panel that allows the end user to
easily manipulate the features of the H2O
VFD. This allows for easy start up and

Because the controller is programmed
specifically for swimming pools, end users
do not have to wade through endless menu
parmameters or spend long wait times on
hold for technical support. Even those with
limited controls experience can easily
navigate our controller. This makes H2O flow
the most user friendly VFD on the market!
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