1. The Base Frame
The base frame, which outlines the swimming pool, is made up of bolted steel sections that act as
the supporting structure for the Myrtha® wall panels. It is fixed firmly to the concrete footing by the
use of chemical anchors and rigidity is obtained by the use of these numerous threaded bars which
are fixed in the perimeter curb. The threaded bars also allow micrometric adjustment so that perfect
levelling of the structure can be attained.

2. The Wall Structure
The pool walls are constructed by sturdy stainless steel panels. The pre-manufactured panels are
factory treaded with a permanent layer of hard PVC. They are then bolted onto the base frame and  
then to each other for stability. Similar to the aviation industry, the use of actual steel welding is
avoided, thus there are no potential corrosion points in a Myrtha® structure. The exclusive use of
stainless steel and PVC for the structural components for waterproofing means that there is a
minimal risk of corrosion and a high probability of leak free construction.

3. The Support Buttresses
At every panel joint (3 feet), sturdy steel buttresses give rigidity and strength to the structure. Every
buttress links to an adjustable threaded bar which is fixed to the concrete footing. The structure is
both sturdy and pliable and is therefore ideal for installations with difficult ground conditions (i.e.
seismic zones or unstable soils).

4. The Overflow Gutter
The Myrtha® overflow gutter is made with the same material that is used for the wall panels and
comes in a wide range of standard configurations. The gutter can be supplied with a design
(“diagonal flow”) which limits the evaporation of chemicals and reduces the noise of the falling
water. The patented Myrtha® gutter grating has been designed to meet the strictest anti-slip and
load regulations. The gutter dropouts can also be supplied with silencers which virtually eliminate
any noise.

5. The Traditional Floor
The standard floor of a Myrtha® pool is formed using a concrete slab, which provides a smooth
support surface. The slab is waterproofed by a reinforced PVC membrane (Alkorplan 2000), and
protected with a surface lacquering, made specifically for the production of these swimming pools.
Myrtha Pools® can be built without concrete as the sturdiness of the stainless steel structure is
assured through the engineering of the footings. A special matting has been developed by Myrtha®
to attain a smooth support surface for the membrane, while at the same time allowing sub surface
drainage. In any type of Myrtha® pool, this floor can be supplied with a user friendly “Softwalk” floor.
The soft floor is ideal for pools that have multi-purpose use with shallow water activity and for
shallow water pools with toys and/or with beach entry. A Myrtha® floor can be easily marked with
racing lanes or safety markings using PVC membrane or special purpose mosaic tiles.

6.  Waterproofing
In order to perfectly waterproof the Myrtha® structure, a rigid PVC profile, specially designed, is used
to seal the panel joints. The profile is bonded through a special liquid PVC that also penetrates in
the joint between the panels, guaranteeing a perfect, long lasting sealing. The resulting joint is
extremely resistant and optically uniform to the panels surface.
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