BECS Technology has been designing and
manufacturing the industry's most reliable
and innovative water chemistry
controllers for nearly 20 years. Since the
introduction of the BECSys line of controls
in 2005, there are now more than 5,000
installations throughout the US, Canada,
and UK.
BECSys 2
The BECSys2 assures crystal-clear water
in a plug-and-play package, complete with
flow cell, pH and ORP sensors. Ease of
use is the hallmark of this reliable water
chemistry controller.

Introducing the newly enhanced
BECSys3! While maintaining it's
easy-to-use and reliable legacy, the
BECSys3 has been upgraded with a new
look and new features. A big bright
easy-to-read 2-line display assures
current status can be easily monitored -
even across the room. And now the
BECSys3 can accept a direct free chlorine
reading, so sanitizer control can be
based upon a true PPM value instead of
BECSys 5

The BECSys5 is a richly featured water
chemistry controller, based upon a
proven design with years of reliable field
performance. While configurable for the
most demanding applications, it is still
simple to operate with detailed
on-screen manuals and help information.
BECSys for Windows software is
included, providing operational data
logs, graphs and event calendars.
The BECSys7 sets a new standard for
complete mechanical room control. All of
the water chemistry features of the
BECSys5 are included, along with fully
configurable automatic filter backwash
control. The BECSys7 can directly control
up to 5 filters standard, expandable up to
16. With BECS’ commitment to ongoing
development, the BECSys7 is the most
advanced control system available in the
aquatics market today
Chemical Controllers
BECSys 3
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What's New
BECSys 7
The BECSysBW Automatic Filter Controller
provides automatic backwash control of
up to 16 filters, continuously monitoring
and controlling system pressures, system
flow rate, and backwash holding tank
levels. The BECSysBW comes local